meet Leslie & Chunky

Chunky is my heart, my love, and my soul dog. And “Chunky’s” is the team of pet lovers that will take amazing care of your precious fur babies!

My name is Leslie Franklin, and my lifelong dream has been to work with animals and live in Charleston. For the last 6 amazing years, I have built and run a dog walking and pet sitting business in Northern Virginia.

Once Covid hit and workers from across the country went home, dog walking there became slightly unnecessary. And now, even as businesses and the economy have opened back up, many families in Nova are able to continue to work from home in perpetuity.

Also, during the pandemic, because I couldn’t see my precious fur babies, I decided to rescue a sweet doggy of my own—Chunky. He is feisty, full of energy, and he is my heart.

Since my dream has always been to live in beautiful, sunny Charleston, I have now taken the opportunity to move here permanently, and bring all my love for animals and experience serving busy families with me. I have rebranded my business, created even more amazing systems to serve you and your pet at a high level, and am excited to live my dream— serve animals, take care of my clients, and live and love in Charleston.

Chunky’s Pet Care is here in Charleston, open and ready for dog walking and pet sitting. I have hired an amazing team of walkers, hand selected, and personally trained to give you amazing service, and love on your sweet, precious animal, while you are at work or traveling.

Once you come on board, you aren’t just hiring Chunky’s. You will meet me. You will have a dedicated walker. We will communicate with you and serve you. You will become part of our family, and we will treat you accordingly. And in no time, you’ll be telling everyone— "I’m with Chunky!"

The Chunky Promise
    • We will always meet your furry family members in person, first

    • Your pet will have a dedicated Chunky Pack Member who knows everything there is about your animals

    • Your pet will be treated as part of the Chunky Pack, with as much love and respect as we have for our own furry family members

    • Walking and sitting services are personalized to the needs of your animal

    • Chunky's is licensed, insured & bonded so you can have peace of mind when you are away from your home

    • We do a daily Chunky Check In so you can visually see exactly how and what your pet is doing